PAINTING IN SERIES is Lorimer’s "thing" and started with Landscapes of Solitude, a story of reconnection with his childhood on the shores of Lake Mississagagon where he now resides. The City2Sunrise series created an eye-opening chronicle of the emotional reality of Cambodia’s orphaned children. The Omo series is a study of the indigenous tribes of one of the most remote places on the planet, the Omo Valley in Ethiopia. Inspired by a desire to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the First World War, the Project Remembrance series took Brian to France and Belgium for an emotional walk through Canadian history. The Shorn Lamb series offers hope to those living amidst the harsh conditions of the Canadian landscape. The latest series - Cape Dorset, had Lorimer traveling to the far north of Canada to capture the Inuit carvers of the arctic.

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THIS SERIES CELEBRATES Canada’s iconic imagery and features beloved Canadian landscapes and activities. Using his abstract style, inclusion of realism, graphic design and vibrant colours the series comes to life.

Lorimer Gallery Ottawa February 1st - 28th

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SO WHAT'S IT LIKE to paint like a child? To find this out Lorimer turned to a very gifted young boy named Hudson Evans. Hudson is Lorimer’s five year old grandson who lives within the spectrum of Autism.

THIS DRAMATIC SERIES of work grew into 36 large paintings commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the First World War.

THIS SERIES IS ABOUT reconnecting with the land, the solitude of living with nature and the beauty of the landscape at the edge of the Canadian Shield.

THE “CITY2SUNRISE” series came to be after receiving a phone call from a childhood friend.

APRIL 2016 FOUND LORIMER on a plane heading to the Canadian arctic, Cape Dorset, Nunavut to be specific.

WITH EVER GROWING RECOGNITION for his compelling works of 'mans struggle for survival’, in 2016 Lorimer encountered his own struggles while researching his next project.

3 DEGREES FROM THE EQUATOR, the Omo Valley of Ethiopia is considered one of the most remote places on the planet.